The ngali nut export is a new market that the Solomon Islands is looking to expand and grow. The Commodity Export Marketing Authority (CEMA) is directly responsible for inspecting and grading this tree crop before exports are made. However, due to it being new, regulations for the export of ngali nuts are yet to be legislated and put into effect. CEMA is still currently working on getting the regulations for ngali nut to be put into effect as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, this does not prevent the exports of ngali nut to take place. If you are interested in the export of this tree crop, there are still ways to make an export possible despite the lack of regulations being put in place.

One way is through acquiring the HACPP certification which once acquired, states that your ngali nut product is up to export standard in the pacific market. You can read more about the HACCP certification by clicking here.

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