Qila Tuhanuku

Marketing & Corporate Affairs Manager, Solomon Breweries Ltd

Qila is the Marketing & Corporate Affairs Manager at Solomon Breweries - a current SICCI Platinum Sponsor and longtime member. Qila has been with SolBrew since 2013 first as a Marketing Executive. Prior to joining SolBrew in 2013 Qila worked in the RAMSI Public Affairs Unit under the Office of the Special Coordinator for 10 years. The Unit was responsible for overall strategic communications for RAMSI covering Development, Police and Military components of the mission.

Vision for the Chamber

“Solomon Breweries as a multinational business and a big contributor to the Solomon Islands economy, has a role to play in supporting broader private sector agenda that will enable sustainable growth for the sector. In this regard SICCI is the right platform to advocate for and drive these agendas.”

Namoi Kaluae

Vice Chair
Adkonect & Pacific Tenders

Namoi is a Co-Founder of Adkonect and Pacific Tenders a Marketing Agency in Honiara operating for 10 years. A former Gold Sponsor of SICCI and Award winner of the New Business of the Year Award at the 2017 SICCI Business Excellence Awards.

She is also Deputy Chair to St John Ambulance, Solomon Islands.

Vision for the Chamber

In the sudden change of events worldwide, I want to see SICCI remain dedicated to being a strong advocate for the SMEs and local business community. SICCI to continue help SMEs and local businesses thrive by creating variety of initiatives and valuable business opportunities. I want to support other Board members in continuing to be the voice for local business and industries in Solomon Islands.


Louisa Bagaramu

Board Member
Chief Manager Economics, Research & Statistics

Louisa Baragamu is the Chief Manager within the Economics, Research & Statistics Department ( CBSI).
She took up the position since September 2021.
Louisa and also member of Economic Association of Solomon Islands. She’s been with CBSI for more
than 10 years holding various analyst and managerial positions. Louisa was a Co-opt member to SICCI
Board last year, 2021.

Vision for the Chamber

Promoting and supporting private sector interests by contributing towards SICCI objectives.


Dr. Lazarus Saungao Tavichikai

Board Member 
ECALL Health Center 

Dr Lazarus founded ECALL HEALTH CENTER in 2014.

He graduated with medical degree from Fiji School of Medicine (University of the South Pacific) in 2001.  After serving 2 years as intern at the National Referral Hospital (NRH), he worked as a radiologist until 2012.

He is an Alumni of James Cook University, Australia, (Public Health & Tropical Medicine) and University of Sydney, Australia (Pediatric Medicine). Dr Lazarus is also a Board member of the Solomon Islands Medical and Dental Board and member of Solomon Islands Medical Association.

When not working his hobbies are creative, technological and scientific pursuits.

Vision for the chamber

“A stronger, active and engaging SICCI ready to take on new challenges”


Owen Thomson

Board Member


BRED Bank Solomon   

Owen has been working in the Banking Industry for over 40  years, beginning his career with ANZ in Balmain Sydney in 1982 . He has worked for  ANZ Banking Group for over 32 years , with 20 of these years holding senior positions with ANZ  in South Pacific Countries , including  PNG , Samoa , Kiribati , Tonga and Solomon Islands .In 2016 he started BRED Bank Solomon (BBS . He currently is the only Solomon Island Citizen to have ever been in charge of an international commercial bank in Solomon Islands.

Vision for Chamber

I believe I am in a unique position to fully understand all facets of businesses in Solomon Islands as I am not only the CEO of an international bank, but I am also an owner of a small business that my wife manages, plus I am a property owner.  I understand the challenges the Solomon Islands face and understand what is needed to make it easier for business to be successful. I certainly understand that we need to reduce basic business costs such as power and port charges, plus we need to receive basic services and we need improve infrastructure.  We need a strong SICCI to assist achieve an improved operating environment for all member businesses.


Jean Fuo'o

Board Member

Administration & Logistics Manager

Tropic Glass & Aluminium Ltd and Tropic Group Builders Ltd

Jean studied Bachelor of Business Management at the University of Southern Queensland, majoring in Human Resource Management, graduating in 2014. She has supported her family-owned businesses, Tropic Glass & Aluminium Ltd and Tropic Group Builders Ltd as the administration and logistics Manager for 10 years. 

Vision for Chamber

To contribute and support SICCI objectives by collaborating with the Government, NGOs, SMEs and other business organizations, to bring to the table SME’s and Private Sector interests.

Charles Sisimia

Board Member


CS Vision Ltd (Lata & Honiara)
Sunrise Ltd (Lata)
Homeland Ltd (Kirakira)

Charles is a former teacher, public servant and government advisor, served 3 years in teaching, 13 years with SIG, at 3 government ministries, 2 provincial governments.  He holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration from University of South Pacific. Possess valuable experience in public policy, human resources development, project management, public finance and has worked full time in private sector the last 3 years as a private consultant and local Capacity Development Specialist.

Charles is also Member of Building Construction Industry Working Group (BCIWG), a sub committee of SICCI Board.

Vision for Chamber

1) To raise SICCI to a position where it gains more government and development partners’ recognition as an active partner in fostering investor confidence and driving positive change in private sector.
2) To promote SICCI’s accountability profile to its members and stakeholders; expanding its private sector activities
3) To advocate for small and medium businesses interests at board level ensuring matters affecting SMEs in the domestic business environment, particularly in development financing, taxation, business opportunities, employee development and proposals for harmonizing government policies affecting Small and Medium Enterprises are raised to appropriate authorities for consideration and possible actions.
4) To drive SICCI’s membership growth through outreach programs to businesses in the provinces, ensuring SICCI takes a sector wide and inclusive approach in its registration of memberships.
5) To represent the voices of businesses in the Provinces at SICCI board, adding value, offering fresh insights to ongoing challenges SICCI is facing; as well as advocating for resilient business development and adaptations;
6) To advocate for Women and Youths on issues affecting them in Commerce and Industries and to support gender main-streaming initiatives in the Private sector

Sandra Fore

Board Member

Country Manager

BSP Financial Group Limited Solomon Islands 

Sandra has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Torrens University, Australia and Bachelor of Science Degree from Massey University, New Zealand. Over 10 years of experience in the field of retail banking in Papua New Guinea (PNG) as well as offshore branch management.

Other roles: Director - BSP Finance ( Solomon Islands) Limited.

Vision for Chamber

To support SICCI in its vision and mission and build a vibrant private sector through business leadership.

Martin Beattie

Martin Beattie

𝐁𝐨𝐚𝐫𝐝 𝐌𝐞𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫

Martin has been the Country Manager (Head) of ANZ Bank Solomon Islands since 2020. He has 30 years of international banking experience. Previously he held senior banking positions in the United Kingdom, Australia and the Middle East.

Martin is from Perth Western Australia and is currently serves as Treasurer of the SICCI board.