Buy Ngali Nut from the Solomon Islands

Ngali nut from the Solomon Islands is starting to become high in demand in the overseas market for the following reasons:

1. Its is of high cultural, culinary and nutritional value.

2. It is grown organically, free from contamination from fertilizers and pesticides.

3. It has been organically certified and therefore meets the overseas organic standard for export.

The current and only exporter for ngali nut in the Solomon Islands is Dr. Shane Tutua who is the co-founder of the company SolAgro. To read more about the SolAgro company, click here.

A few of the ngali nut products that farmers and exporters in the Solomon produce for the overseas niche market is enlisted below. 

  • Ngali nut pestos
  • Ngali nut butter
  • Traditionally baked pure and natural ngali nut
  • Tropical muesli breakfast treat with rolled oats
  • Ngali nut bar

(Images are sourced from SolAgro's Facebook Page)

Selling Ngali Nut

If you are looking to expand your market and sell your raw ngali nuts in the pacific region or even internationally, you can enquire at SolAgro company to do this. They are currently the only exporter for ngali nut in the Solomon Islands.

SolAgro would most likely want to purchase ngali nut of good quality so if you want to get quality assurance proof of your ngali nut before selling to them, you can apply for certain certifications that can prove the high quality of your ngali nut as well as add more value to them. You can read more about that by clicking here.

The overseas countries that SolAgro currently sells their ngali nut to are including Fiji, New Caledonia and Australia. 

If you would like to handle your own ngali nut exports to overseas buyer, then click here to learn about how you can acquire an export license and the requirements you need to obtain to start making your own exports.