Friday 23 September, Honiara – The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) value its partnership with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and recognise that there is a strong link between the rule of law, growth and investment which underpins private sector development and job creation.

As part of the ongoing engagement between the two organisations, SICCI hosted a Business Luncheon on Tuesday 20th September 2022 at the Heritage Park Hotel where representatives of the RSIPF presented key updates for members of the business community.

Presentations were delivered by Assistant Police Commissioner, Simpson Pogeava and RSIPF Superintendent, Fred Suhara on security operations during the 2023 Pacific Games, Honiara crimes targeting businesses, responses the RSIPF enforce to assist business houses, COVID-19 protocols, and security operation during upcoming Parliament sittings.

Businesses are particularly concerned and discourage disturbances in the capital potentially ensuing from political instability for the sake of economic stability, continuation of employment and foreign investments.

Assistant Police Commissioner Pogeava assured that the RSIPF will continue to strengthen security operation around Parliament house and streets commencing from White River to Henderson in the next upcoming Parliament meetings to ensure there is no disturbance during the meeting or likely civil unrest that will result in burning down of businesses.

“RSIPF with the support of the Solomon Islands International Forces [SIAF] and the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary [RPNGC] Contingent that are current in the country will continue to work closely with our communities to provide security operation for any planned major events in the country,” he said.

The Assistant Police Commissioner also reiterated to the business community that COVID-19 restrictions have been eased and people can travel through restricted borders that have been restricted during the outbreak of the virus except for the International Borders between Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea [PNG] must observe protocols in-place within the Law Enforcement Agencies [LEA].

According to statistics in 2021, RSIPF have recorded 164 crimes against businesses in East Honiara alone, mostly from robbery cases. Assistant Commissioner Pogeava said the RSIPF is currently strengthening security operations for businesses in Honiara to ensure no robbery is exerted towards businesses.

RSIPF Superintendent Fred Suhara provided an update on RSIPF’s existing structure to strengthen security operation during the 2023 Pacific Games to ensure no crimes are exaggerated towards businesses with the huge number of visitors expected in the country during that time.

 “We will be working closely with donor partners and the friendly forces from our neighboring countries who are currently in country for assistance to monitor the mobilization of people during the Games. The security operation during the two weeks of the Games will cover air, sea, and land,” he said.

As the country heads towards the hosting of the 2023 Pacific Games, RSIPF will meet regularly with SICCI to give updates on security operations and responses RSIPF will embark on to monitor mobilization of people to prevent crimes that has the potential to disrupt business operations during the Games.

SICCI Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ms Natalina Hong acknowledged RSIPF for taking the time to facilitate this crucial Information Session for members of the business community.

Ms Hong also highlighted the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between SICCI and the RSIPF back in 2019 with the primary objective to strengthen the relationship between the two organizations.

“Both parties recognise the relationship as a significant and important collaboration to evolve the RSIPF’s Crime Prevention Strategy towards becoming a preventive strategy for the whole of Solomon Islands,” she said.

The MoU provides a platform for cooperation between the RSIPF and SICCI to promote Crime preventive initiatives, recognise the commercial perspective of businesses within the Solomon Islands, recognise both RSIPF and SICCI share a social conscience for community wellbeing, allow for the sharing and exchange of information on areas of mutual interest and build a strong relationship that will contribute to nation building, stability, employment opportunities and economic growth.

Ms Hong on behalf of SICCI members acknowledge the support RSIPF during the outbreak of COVID-19 to enable businesses to return to normal operations.

-SICCI Media

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