Applying for Export License in Honiara, Solomon Islands

Source: Moses Pitakia Pelomo, CEMA

A. Prerequisites

If you are interested in applying for an export license, below are the criteria you need to meet before submitting an application to CEMA.

  1. Applicant must be a registered business

  2. Has experience, management and financial capabilities to conduct international commodities trading

  3. Own or access to appropriate facilities such as sheds and other infrastructures that will maintain the quality of the product

  4. Supplier linkages and secure domestic market for sustainable partnership

  5. Strong partnership with the overseas buyer (s)

  6. License fee (Annual fee)

  7. Management Fee (Pro-rata levy per volume (MT) exported

  8. Provincial Business License fees for each of the provinces that the company operates in

  9. Supply socio-economic information to CEMA including domestic and overseas sales prices paid and received respectively, origin of the product(s) by provinces, freight and so on

B. Process

  1. Write formally to CEMA (Attention, General Manager) indicating interest to export a Prescribed Commodity product(s) or to renew a license.

  2. A standard application form with relevant information will be sent to the applicant to complete and return to CEMA management for processing. View the application forms below.

  3. Management assess the application in preparation for presentation to the next CEMA Board Meeting. Preparations include checking facilities, Provincial Business License validity, and verifying certain information requested in the application.

  4. General Manager presents the application to the Board for consideration and they decide if it is to be approved.

  5. On receipt of the approval of application, the applicant pays the current export license fees. Certificate of Registration (as an exporter) and an Export License are prepared and signed by the Chairman of the CEMA Board.

  6. Registration Certificate and Export License are then collected by or posted to the applicant.

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