Elected Board Members who were present during the AGM

Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry has successfully hosted its 2024 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 27th at Heritage Park Hotel.

More than 60 members turned up for the AGM while other members sent their apologies due to other commitments.

The AGM also marked the selection of new Board Members.

The election was done by a First-Past-The-Post Voting system where candidates with majority votes wins a seat and becomes a Board member.

Result of the election for SICCI Board are as follows; Ms. Namoi Kaluae [Chair], Mr. Daniel Tucker [Vice-Chair], Mr. Johnson Lobo, Mr. Gordon Denty, Ms. Dinna Irofufuli, Ms. Jean Fuo’o, Ms. Sandra Fore and Mr. Owen Thompson are all voted in as Ordinary Members of the Board.

Ms. Namoi replaced outgoing chairlady Ms. Qila Tuhanuku and Mr. Tucker replaced Ms. Namoi who was the Vice-Chairperson of the previous board.

In her final remarks, Ms. Tuhanuku said, 2023 has been very challenging with Pacific Games, however, SICCI has achieved few goals; one of the which is the amendment of the Electricity Act.

She said SICCI has played a crucial role in the push towards the amendment.

Ms. Qila adds that the previous board, with SICCI Secretariat support, made significant steps in tax reform advocacy to create a favorable regulatory environment for business growth in the country.

She acknowledged previous board members, SICCI members and staffs working at SICCI Secretariate for their supports towards her during her tenure as SICCI Board Chair.

Ms. Qila also acknowledged the Australian Government for supporting SICCI through its DFAT grant which enable SICCI to pull through COVID.

She said DFAT support contributed enormously towards SICCI’s programs, improved SICCI’s advocacy and continues to drive key areas for private sector growth.

“We had a lot of MOUs with lots of partners but in terms of funding the Secretariat truly appreciate DFAT grant as it plays a vital contribution in areas of advocacy and membership,” Ms. Qila said.

New Chairlady, Ms. Namoi said she is honored to be elected to the Chairmanship of SICCI Board.

She said she is filled with enthusiasm for the journey ahead.

“I am deeply thankful for the trust and confidence you have placed in me. I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt thanks to the nominator who saw something in me worth nominating for this position. Your belief in my capabilities and dedication to serving this chamber have truly touched my heart, and I am grateful for your support.

“To all of you who took the time to cast your votes in this election, thank you. Your participation and engagement in this process are the pillars of our chamber's strength and vitality. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support that I have received from each and every one of you.

“Let us work hand in hand to advance the interests of our members, foster economic growth, and create a thriving business environment in the Solomon Islands.

“I am confident that with your support, collaboration, and shared vision, we can overcome any challenges and achieve great success together. Thank you once again for this incredible honor, and I look forward to serving as your Chair with integrity, passion, and a deep sense of responsibility,” Ms. Namoi said.

She acknowledged the outgoing Chairlady and her team for their hard work, dedication and leadership.

“To my outgoing chair, Miss Qila, your contributions have laid a solid foundation for the chamber, and I am committed to building upon that legacy with your guidance and support.

“To all the members of this chamber, secretariat, past and present Miss Rhibbie and team, thank you for your commitment, passion, and unwavering dedication to the business community of the Solomon Islands. It is your collective efforts that make this chamber a beacon of progress and opportunity for all,” Ms. Namoi said.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of SICCI, Ms. Florence Rhibbie acknowledged members who turned up at the AGM.

She said SICCI is operating on a foundation set down by previous Chairs and CEOs.

Ms. Rhibbie strongly encouraged previous chairs and leaders of SICCI to support SICCI with advises to maintain the integrity and performance of the institution.

She also took time to acknowledge outgoing Chairlady Ms. Qila and her board for the hard work and dedication throughout 2023.

She looks forward to working closely with the new board.

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