SICCI's new CEO Mr. James Dolarii [center] with SICCI Chairlady Ms. Namoi Kaluae [left] and Vice Chair of SICCI Board Mr. Daniel Tucker [right]

The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) welcomes the appointment of Mr. James Dolarii as the new Chief Executive Officer.

The appointment proved significant as the position has been vacant for almost a year.

Mr. Dolarii's appointment is seen as a positive step for SICCI as it continues to promote and advocate for the private sector in the Solomon Islands.

His leadership is expected to bring fresh perspectives and drive new initiatives that will benefit SICCI’s diverse membership.

“I had the privilege of meeting James after a vigorous interview process by our CEO recruitment subcommittee panel prior to his appointment, and I am confident that his previous experience, strategic vision, leadership skills, and passion for our mission align seamlessly with SICCI’s values and goals.

“I have full faith that Mr. James will play a key role in driving SICCI’s mission forward and enhancing our impact within the community.

“Now more than ever and building from strength gained over the years, is the need for private sector support and advocacy which is the key role of SICCI and we aim to continue be the voice of the Private sector,” Chairlady of SICCI Board Ms. Namoi Kaluae said.

She said SICCI’s key priorities will be to develop and communicate a strategic vision that aligns with the organisations mission and goals, enhance membership engagement by ensuring value, and that the voice of the business community is heard through effective dialogue, collaboration and representation.

Ms. Kaluae further stated that SICCI will continue to drive development and implementation of new initiatives and programs that benefit SICCI’ s diverse membership base, promote economic growth and contribute to uphold a conducive business environment in the Solomon Islands.

She commends outgoing leadership, staff, and supporters for their contributions and unwavering support which have enabled SICCI to demonstrate resilience and commitment in advancing the interest of the private sector.

“Firstly, hats off to the outgoing Boards, CEOs, staff and the continuous support from the membership base, partners and especially funding partners. With all these invaluable supports, SICCI has shown a true spirit of private sector resilience,” Mr. Dolarii said.

He said, SICCI is a key organization for the development and growth of Solomon Islands national economy playing a critical role to ensure the voice of the private sector is heard through dialog and collaboration.

Mr. Dolarii adds that the institution provides a platform to promote and preserve conducive business environment for growth and expansion so as good governance in areas of economic development in Solomon Islands.

“I look forward to working collaboratively with the current SICCI board, staff, and the membership base and key stakeholders in taking SICCI forward.

“I would also like to acknowledge the continuous support from funding partners and donors for supporting SICCI's advocacy work and engagement in building the private sector of Solomon Islands,” he said.

Former CEO Ms. Natalina Hong congratulates Mr. Dolarii on his appointment as CEO of SICCI and wish him all the success as he leads chamber into an exciting era for businesses.

“Well done to the SICCI board and members for appointing a very capable and passionate young Solomon Island leader to drive the main peak body of the private sector representative in Solomon Islands,” she said.

Mr. James comes with a strong background in public diplomacy, private and public sector stakeholder engagement.

He has close to 9 years’ experience of which 4.5 years of his earlier career journey was built with SICCI from 2012 – 2016 as membership officer and later as senior executive officer under 3 different CEOs.

James holds two degrees, BA in Public Management (2011) and a Master’s in Business Administration in 2018.

He has a cross-sector career and experience, working within the private sector, with donors, NGOs, projects and Government special flagship projects.

His proven track record in advocacy, membership and overall management in support to former CEOs and boards growing SICCI and its programs along with experience out of SICCI has shown his capability, passion and confidence and undoubtedly will be instrumental in guiding the organization towards achieving its strategic objectives.

These qualities make Mr. James a well-equipped professional to lead SICCI into its next phase of growth and success.

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