Photo taken at Amazing Grace Cocoa Farm

The newly established Cocoa Working Group [CWG] is trying to establish an inclusive cocoa industry in the country.

Cocoa Working Group is established under Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s special working group to manage and deliver program and activities related to cocoa industry.

Chairperson of the working group, James Kana said one among top priorities his team going to address is breaking the barriers and ensuring youths, women and people with special need can actively participate in cocoa industry.

He said market access is also one of the top priorities that the working group will assess and deliver to farmers this year.

“On market access, we will bring together actors within the industry to discuss challenges and opportunities that would enhance market access and visibility.

“We will also establish in-country promotional programs to encourage active monitoring and management of cocoa industry

“Awareness programs will focus on revitalizing cocoa sector as we are experiencing a downfall in cocoa farming,” Mr. Kana said.

Meanwhile he said, his team is determined to utilize the platform established between SICCI and the national government through partnership with CEMA.

Mr Kana said the Cocoa Working Group is looking at close collaboration with private sector especially cocoa farmers, processors, the government and relevant stakeholders to put the country’s cocoa products in the world chat.

He said CWG is team of like-minded individuals with egos to drive the country’s cocoa industry to new level.

Mr Kana said CWG is looking forward to work closely with the new government on policies that would drive the economy going forward.

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