Tuesday 7th November, Honiara - Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) Chairperson, Qila Tuhanuku acknowledges the effort and done by Solomon Power to ensure Honiara is back to zero electricity load shedding by end October.

In her statement quote “I would like to acknowledge the work that Solomon Power has done to ensure that they delivered zero load shedding against the timeline of end of October, that they presented to SICCI.”

Ms Tuhanuku says while this news is welcomed and is helping to bring back some business confidence, there needs to be greater vigilance that this situation does not happen again.

“While it was a huge undertaking done to solve this power crisis, there needs to be equal focus on ensuring that there is no repeat of this situation.  With an economy like ours and the unfolding global situation increasing costs, businesses cannot afford the losses resulting from disruptions to critical services like the utilities.” she says.

Ms Tuhanuku says that consistent and reliable utilities services such as water, electricity, telecommunications are vital for businesses continuity as the Solomon Islands struggles to recover its economy from the aftermath of Covid-19 Emergency Powers Regulations restrictions.

“I would like to thank and acknowledge the Solomon Power Management and Board Chair for always making the time to meet with us and providing critical updates to our members whenever requested.  I also would like to thank government representatives whom we raised our concerns to and have played a part in ensuring that addressing the situation was prioritized” she reiterated in her concluding statement to all stakeholders involved in getting the power supply back to zero load shedding.

The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce (SICCI) is the umbrella Organisation that supports and represents the interests of businesses in the Solomon Islands, and growing businesses. It is dedicated to promoting and developing commerce and industry in the country. It currently has over 200 members, 60% of which are Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  Its membership is composed of businesses in Honiara and those based in the provinces.

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